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I invented a method to automatically measure the service quality of my client. This way we could experiment with improvements of service processes and receive immediate feedback based on big data evidence. We had to kill several sacred cows of how service was „supposed to be done“. The consequence of this was an 8 figure annual increase of the client’s profit.


I learned my trade as a consultant by starting my career at Accenture, working at big complex projects with more than 300 project members in the field of digital transformation. Transformation projects are often about sacred cows.


My academic background is my study of business psychology with focus on organizational development at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. I earned the degree of a Diplom-Psychologe.


In 2019, I received my doctorate degree at the University of Gloucestershire, England, for my research about radical organizational change by killing sacred cows. I interviewed experts in radical change and squeezed their 176 insights into a neat little framework called the Sacred Cow Framework. It is the condensed knowledge of many years of experience from these experts. The Sacred Cow Framework tells you which leadership challenges to consider if you want to conduct a successful organizational change.


If you ever bought a train ticket via the Internet, I am one of the many people who made that possible. During this project I learned that the biggest obstacle is not the technology, but the managers who claim: „We don’t need this Internet thing!“


One of my clients was a family business that sold the same standard products with the same standard margins over the same standard sales channels for many years. I designed for them a new department for premium products that sells exquisite products with high margins to very affluent customers. The client is now an international market leader, benefitting from their competitors‘ sacred cows.

Management Summary
Dr. Stephan Meyer generated additional millions of Euros in profit for his clients in several industries by improving their services. He received his PhD for his leading expertise in radical organizational change. Dr Stephan Meyer’s expertise is based on his experience of more than 25 years of coordinating successful transformations and innovations, both at international corporations and at family businesses. He has held roles as CEO, Member of the Board, Program Manager, Mentor and Coach.

Feedback & Reviews​

I am always impressed by how Stephan starts thinking processes with polished, entertaining and nevertheless profound formulations. With the effect of leading us all on exciting new paths.

Stephan Magnus​

Stephan has an enriching perspective with profound methodological and technical knowledge from economic and psychological areas. He has a realistic view of how things are developing.

Florian Müller-Schunk​

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