Dr Stephan Meyer helps you point out the sacred cows in your company in a most entertaining way. 

Stephan Meyer, PhD

Your keynote speech formed the crowning glory of our event and was described by many participants as the highlight of the event. You contributed to our success as event organizers. You have achieved the best overall speaker rating of this convention.

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Stephan Meyer gave hundreds of keynote speeches for international audiences

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Numerous participants have confirmed it - we have rarely heard such an inspiring, enriching and thought-provoking key note.

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Stephan Meyer, PhD

The best keynote speech I've ever heard in my life!

Susanna Fuchsbrunner, Rechtsanwältin / Attorney at Law

Dr Stephan Meyer designs the society of tomorrow. He likes to question “sacred cows” in order to uncover the essentials behind them. His credo: Rules of the game are there to change. He clearly rejects entrenched processes and outdated ways of thinking and proves that mediocrity will never win.

As a passionate speaker, Dr Stephan Meyer has the ability to formulate even complex contexts in a very simple and easily understandable way. His rhetoric, seasoned with a good shot of humor, leads to participant feedback such as: “The best keynote speech I have ever heard in my life!”

Dr Stephan Meyer has already given hundreds of stimulating keynote speeches for companies and associations. He encourages the audience to develop a culture that is more innovation-friendly and to take responsibility for shaping the future under an optimistic sign. Dr Stephan Meyer knows how to focus on the essentials, on the core of things. He discovers what is real behind the façade, and lets his audience participate in his discoveries. Well packaged in entertaining anecdotes, Meyer’s inspirations continue to resonate in the listeners‘ minds for months.

I found your keynote extremely enjoyable and would be delighted to welcome you again at AUDI AG in Ingolstadt.


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